Open Letter to our SoF Family & Community…

Hello SoF Family!

This is an update on our Sunday School for this fall…

First of all, in order to best communicate with all of you, we would like to keep our contact information updated. So please click this link to update your contact information…It would be great if every adult, Jr. High Student, and High School Student in our church family could fill out this quick online form. Thank you!

Secondly, we will officially begin our Sunday School for Preschool through High School the week after the Fall Festival/Block Party on October 1st. So, to clarify, Sunday School will begin Sunday, October 8th. This is later than in the past (& in the future), but we are excited for what is in store.  If you happened to miss church on Labor Day Weekend, please listen to Sunday’s message (The Church: But Not So With You) to get a glimpse of the vision of where we are headed in this Sunday School transition and a bit of some background to this email.

For Sunday School this fall, our kids will be grouped in preschool (3&4 yr olds), TK/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th.  For each of our groups, we will need adults to act as Shepherds and Teachers. This is where we need your help!

Shepherds – Each group will need 2-3 adults who will be the consistent, weekly faces who will be there to love those kids, get to know them, pray with and for them, etc. The Shepherd’s role requires no preparation each weekjust a commitment to be present in the lives of the kids. If each group has 2-3 Shepherds committed to them, that makes it even easier if you are unable to attend every Sunday of the year…3 Shepherds creates more freedom and flexibility for each Shepherd.

Teachers – Each week, the kids will participate in a 15-20 minute lesson. This lesson will be “taught” by a Teacher. The Teacher’s role requires no long-term commitment because they could teach one time, once a month, or however often they would like to. There are a total of 56 lessons that need to be taught for the year…if we get 56 Teachers, each Teacher would just need to teach one time for the whole year! The other great thing about this role is that the lessons will be prepared for you in advance…the only prep required is that you pick up your lesson “bag” the week before you teach and spend 15-20 minutes prep-time reading the material so you know what is going on. Then, you show up at Sunday School and have fun with those kiddos for 15-20 minutes. Some of the lessons may be a craft, story-time, a science experiment, a service project, etc….Nothing too Biblically intense, just an opportunity to help our kids experience their faith in new ways! And, if you are nervous about having a group of kids, the Shepherds will be there with you the whole time!

It would be incredible if everyone in our church family would be willing to participate in one of these roles. Any one of you could spend 15-20 minutes talking with a group of kids and doing an activity with them! This is a great opportunity for us to rally together to serve and grow our kids. This is also one way we grow as individuals…by serving others.

So, to end a very long email…I want to challenge each of you to think about how you can participate in God’s vision and mission He has given us as a church family & to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. If you are unsure, know that you cannot ruin our kids if your lesson doesn’t go perfectly. In fact, our whole church family and our community will grow together as we all surround our kids and show them that we are all in, unified, walking together, and growing together to be the people Jesus came for us to be.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to SHOW our kids that this is what we are all about…

“Like arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior are children born in one’s youth” – Psalm 127:4

To our Seeds of Faith kids…You are the tip of the spear. You are the future. This is your fight. We pulled the bow back as far as we could and gave you all the strength we had to send you into flight. Fly far and true. Cross enemy lines. Hit the mark. Set captives free. Keep striking until the battle’s won.

(adapted from The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus)

There will be sign-ups for Shepherds and Teachers at church on Sunday…or email me/call me (605-310-6575) if you have any questions.

Thank you! Have a great day!


Pastor Brent – Seeds of Faith

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