We Interrupt This Series…

We have been in the midst of this series called, “The Church: A Human Chain,” talking about how we, as the Church, are called to unite to grow together to better serve each other & beyond. Last Sunday I was in Los Angeles at “Mosaic Conference 2017: Into the Unknown” and I felt it was very appropriate for me to share some of what God stirred in my heart leading up to, during, and after my time in LA. This message, although an interruption to the actual series, fits right in because I was compelled to share the vision that God placed on my heart when He led us to Seeds of Faith. It is, perhaps, a redefining what it means to be the Church…


The message is “We Interrupt This Series…” from Numbers 13.

We Interrupt

Click on the image above to stream the message. Right-click to download the mp3.

If you would like to see the PowerPoint that accompanies the message, click here.

(To listen to other messages, click on the “Sermons 2017” link above)

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