Philippians 1: P3-Privilege…


This week we had some technical difficulties and the message didn’t record. In the past, we’ve just left it at that…”Technical Difficulties – No Recording.” However, this week’s message sets an important foundation as we are entering into Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi and I didn’t want to leave it at, “Technical Difficulties – No Recording.” The teaching is too important to leave it at that.

With that being said, this recording is different. It is not just an audio of the message. Just this morning, I recorded a video from my office of the message with the PowerPoint slides. Now, it is not the same exact message because there are things that arise “in the moment” of preaching to the church family on Sunday morning. However, it is the same information “preached” in a different context with different “in the moment” things.


At the very least, this foundational teaching is available for us to look back upon as we move forward through this letter.

Paul is writing this letter to “God’s holy people in Christ Jesus.” It is important to realize that in this statement, Paul is reminding us that in Christ Jesus we have been given a privilege…a new status in relation to God. We have been adopted into the most royal family…we are heirs to all the blessings from Christ Jesus and God the Father!

In this message, we talk about what that really means and the responsibility that comes along with that great gift.

To be given a privilege does not mean we have to act privileged!

To watch this message on YouTube…click here!

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