Philippians 1#2: P3-Promise…



Last week, we learned about our Privilege…Our new status in relation to God in Christ Jesus. We have been adopted into God’s family & are heirs to all the blessings from Christ Jesus and God the Father!

This week we learned about the Promise – of our new life in Christ. Accepting our Status is the first step in living in the Promise of that new life and our Privilege comes into fulfillment in the Promise of New Life in Christ!

Philippians 1:6 – “…He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

God is faithful. He always has been & He always will be. God is up to something good in & through us, our families, our community, and our world…and He is faithful to complete that work that He has already begun.

We have been given an opportunity to live into our New Status as heirs and enter into the New Life that Jesus came, lived, died, and rose again that we could live.

The cross is just the beginning

But it is also the ultimate end!

(Click Here to listen to last Sunday’s message)Phil1-6




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