The Servant Lord

Philippians 2

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:

Paul challenges us to “have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.” A mindset is an attitude…a way of thinking…a paradigm through which we view life and our circumstances. Our mindset (attitude) will mold, shape, and transform every experience we have.


A bad attitude will taint our every experience…it can take even the best experiences  and make them bad.

A good attitude can make even the worst circumstances a little bit better. It cannot necessarily make a bad situation good…it can, however, make it a little better.

A “mindset as Christ Jesus” can help you see light in the darkest of places. No matter how deep, dark, and long a valley one travels through, a “mindset as Christ” provides hope and a knowledge and assurance that God is with us every step.

After this message on Sunday, I finished reading chapter 3 from Scott Shaum’s, The Uninvited Companion. The following quote pretty much summarizes this message and the hope that comes from a God that promises us that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us and that promises that He has begun a good work in every one of us and He will be faithful to complete that work.

“What if the hardships we find ourselves in today are not only for our benefit? What if God is doing something in us that will cost us much and immensely benefit others? What if we looked at life from that angle?”

Scott Shaum – The Uninvited Companion (38)

Sometimes, our Loving Father walks with us through our difficult times for the sake of others.

[Actually, here’s a correction in my word usage I added later to avoid confusion…]

Our Loving Father ALWAYS walks with us through our difficult times…

Sometimes, however, He walks with us for the sake of others.

Click Here to listen to this past Sunday’s message.

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