Like Arrows…

Every Sunday I preach I feel like I bare my soul in the message. After yesterday’s message, however, I felt more vulnerable, more insecure…one might say, naked.

Like Arrows Image

Most often I am preaching through a book of the Bible or at least interpreting some Biblical passage. When doing that I must feel that most of the pressure is on God because, after all, it is HIS word. Of course I add some personal stories and share how His word impacts me personally.

For awhile now I have had a few people telling me that they want me to share the vision God has given me for our church family and our community. I have vaguely talked about “the vision for our community” and I have been challenging us to move towards it through all the sermon series’ of 2017-2018 (“HDJDI: How Did Jesus Do It?“, “Journey To/Through the Cross: Ephesians“, “The Church: A Human Chain, Joy-Unity-Humility: Philippians“, and “Hard Words of Jesus“). Each of those series’ have been driving home different aspects of the vision of who God is calling us to be and how He is calling us to serve.

This week, however, was a bit different because, for me at least, there is nothing more vulnerable or intimate than sharing my dreams, passion, vision, and calling. On Sunday, I shared more directly the vision God has planted in me. What makes it so scary to share is how small & insignificant one can feel when they share such a big vision. More than anyone else in this world, I know my flaws, weaknesses, shortcomings, pitfalls…

More than anyone else, I know how ridiculous it sounds to say that I might have a role to play in something great that God is up to in our community and in this world. 

But it’s true.

He has invited every one of us to participate in His great story of redemption.

Merging lives

It’s just hard to open yourself up and publicly admit that!

I do believe He has invited us & called us to take more seriously our role in reshaping our culture into His image of love, grace, and mercy…thereby altering the trajectory of our culture’s future. Many of the negative trends are ours to change & we will change them with our transformed hearts, minds, lives and our commitment to the future He has created us to shape.

Changed people change people.

Transformed people transform people.

The message starts a bit awkwardly…I think I was still a bit nervous knowing how truly vulnerable I was going to be. I feel like I did find my stride…then, look out! You get the full me! 😉

Click here to listen to “Like Arrows…”

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