Easter2019-On The Anvil…Psalm 129


Click Here to listen to the Easter Sunday message…

It’s Easter Sunday & it may seem strange to be in the Psalms on Easter Sunday…Listen in & realize we are in exactly the place we need to be for this Easter!

Psalm 129 reminds us that hard times/suffering does NOT deny the presence of God or provide reason for doubt (in God or in our faith).

For the 10th Psalm of our “Songs of Ascent” it is important to know that we need to express our deep emotions in healthy ways. It doesn’t matter whether those emotions are joyful, despairing, angry, etc…our loving, grace-filled Father wants us to be authentic with Him & release those emotions to Him. We are also called to share the burden of each other’s suffering. We are not meant to live this life alone. That means we are not to keep our blessings to ourselves, nor are we to keep our suffering to ourselves. We are meant to share the blessings and the burdens.

He Chose Us

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