Bless the Lord – Psalm 134


Click Here to listen to the message.

Now that we have reached the end of our “Long Obedience…” series,

How will you respond to God & all He is up to in, around, and through you?

We began this Long Obedience in Psalm 120 with an act of repentance, and act of turning TOWARD Christ and AWAY FROM our old way of life.

Now, having been confronted and challenged in our views and perspectives on life, Church, worship, service, surrender…having been challenged to unlearn and rethink our perspective on God and this life we are living…having been invited to trust this God that in on our side…having been called to hope in & wait on this God that is on our side…being given a glimpse of God’s great vision and perspective and an understanding of this epic story He has written…and understanding that we have a great role to play in His epic adventure…

How are you going to respond?

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