It doesn’t have to be this way…

On Sunday I shared my personal struggle and challenge (click here to listen). I’ve also written about it before (“A Deep Darkness…”).

First of all, it is important that you all realize that I am okay!

I shared on Sunday because I believe God is calling us…

to become a community of authenticity & mercy.

to be people who are real & honest about our struggles.

to walk WITH each other as we grow through our struggles together.

In order to live well together, Jesus tells us that we need to be people of mercy, have a pure heart, and be peacemakers.

To have a pure heart means that our deepest desire is to live into God’s will. One aspect of God’s will is that we would exist/dwell in His presence and the presence of all His creation without our “fig leaves” covering our shame. God desires us to live without fear of being “exposed.”

(No, silly, this isn’t some weird claim that God is calling us to be nudists!)

God’s desire is that we dwell in His grace, compassion, and forgiveness so we don’t have to hide our struggles and challenges from each other. He is challenging us to live an authentic life WITH others in the midst of our struggles and challenges.

God created humanity after creating all the rest of the universe and said, “It is not good that man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit created humanity to live WITH Him and others.

Humanity is not good at mercy (compassion + forgiveness). 

Humanity is good at judgement & condemnation.

Let’s stop being people of judgement and condemnation who capitalize on each other’s struggles!

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The Creator of the universe has equipped us, empowered us, and has given us the perfect example to follow in Jesus Christ. Let’s follow Him to this New Creation!


I am fully aware of the significance of this day, September 11th. I remember everything about that day…ignoring our principal’s requests to NOT watch the events of the day with our students in our classrooms. This day lives on in infamy.

Before this past Sunday’s message, however, I did not realize the significance of yesterday, September 10th. I don’t pay attention to those “National Day of…” days (except for National Talk Like a Pirate Day – which BTW is next Thursday, Sept. 19th). So, on Tuesday night while reading an article about another pastor, author, and mental health advocate, who committed suicide on Monday, I realized that Tuesday was World Suicide Prevention Day. I surely didn’t plan it that way! Sunday’s message was not the message I had planned to share. I was just being obedient to what I was being prompted to say.

In this “New Creation…” series we have been working through the last couple months, we are being challenged to reshape our culture into the type of culture that Jesus came, lived, died, and rose again for us to help create.

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