Something we never expected…

An open letter to the Seeds of Faith family & community…

Hello everyone,
First, I will cut to the chase…
We will be cancelling ALL church-related activities for the foreseeable future.
**Sunday AM worship will be cancelled for this coming Sunday (March 22nd) but we will be figuring out the logistics of how we may continue to worship together, from our own homes, via livestream starting March 29th. We currently have no set-up to be able to do that, but we are & will be working on making that happen because the last thing we we want to do is stop worshipping together until this is over! Details will be shared with you when we have them.
Now the most important part (& the hardest to communicate)…this “shutdown of society” that we are experiencing during this pandemic is going to weigh on all of us in ways we don’t even understand or yet realize. When we began our SoF “Next Steps” process of determining who we are and what God is calling us to now that we are no longer aligned with the UMC, we talked about “Moving Forward…Together – Be Prayerful. Be Present. Listen. Be Humble.
We, as a church family, are in this together… 
   – Let’s be in prayer for each other, this country, and the world.
   – Let’s be present (obviously not physically) by not dismissing what is happening all around us and what we all are experiencing separately, but together.
   – Let’s listen to what God is up to and what He is saying to us in this time of forced slowdown. Too often we are too busy to hear or notice God. Now we don’t have anyone or anything else to blame because our lives have been forced to quiet down.
   – Let’s be humble…because we’ve been humbled. We are not invincible…we are not all powerful. Let us be reminded of Who is really in control of everything. (Understand that I am NOT saying that this is a result of God’s wrath or punishment…I am saying that God is our redeemer – He is really good at redeeming what humanity messes up!)
I don’t know how to help during this time, but I want to. None of us have ever experienced anything like this before, so I don’t exactly know how to move forward. I just know that I love our church family and our community! Call me if you need to talk, or you need prayer, or if there is something I might be able to do to help you during this time. 
Let’s all remember that God is good & He promises to NEVER leave us or forsake us…so He is here with us NOW and He is at the end of all of this waiting for us to join Him. That means He will be with us THROUGH this whole ordeal. He is also calling US to BE WITH EACH OTHER through this whole ordeal, so let’s not forget to show each other love, care, and compassion as we go through this experience together.
“Socially-Distanced” but together in Spirit and Mission!
Brent Eliason
Pastor – Seeds of Faith
“Live your story. Leave His mark.”
       – Erwin McManus

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