Holy Week – A Monday Reflection…


So many things have changed in the last month as society has shut down.

For many of us:

  • Work is different
  • Our daily routines & rhythms are different
  • Our family dynamic & relationships have changed
  • Our interactions with our friends & support network have changed or disappeared completely.

Just about EVERYTHING has changed in some way and, if it hasn’t yet, we have this feeling in our gut that it will change soon.

In this time of isolation, stress & anxiety, sickness, so many unknowns…

We need something reliable.

We long for some immovable foundation.

Something that WILL NOT change…

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month.

We need the assurance that there is something that will NEVER change!


I encourage you to find a quiet place for 20-30 minutes as you read and reflect on this Holy Week devotional moment…

There are a couple things we have been learning the last few weeks from the words Jesus spoke while He hung on the cross.

The ultimate example He lives (not lived…not a typo because He still lives) for us to follow is:

  • Pray at ALL times.

    • In joy & celebration…Pray!
    • In sickness & suffering…Pray!
  • Rejoice & Praise Him at ALL times.

    • In joy & celebration…Rejoice & Praise Him!
    • In sickness & suffering…Praise Him
      • (even if you don’t Rejoice in this, at least continue to Praise His name!)

These are what Jesus did while being tortured, mocked, and publicly humiliated…

He prayed. He rejoiced. He praised God.

In living this great example He also shows us that we do not have to have all the right words or come up with something fresh & new to say when we pray.

If you don’t have the words, pray a Psalm like Jesus did twice while on the cross.

Psalm 16

So, officially start today’s reflection by reading Psalm 16.

After reading it once, read it again. This time out loud as a prayer to God.

Then, after praying it aloud, read it again. Now, the 3rd time, read it slowly & silently PAYING ATTENTION to what stands out and/or what is stirring in your heart & mind.

Either in a journal/notebook or on the attached printout (here), write out your answers to the following questions…

  1. What stood out and/or stirred in your heart & mind as you prayed & read this Psalm?

  2. In this time of isolation, anxiety, and unknown, where do you find comfort in this prayer of David?

  3. Why do you think that is? (In other words, what does this Psalm either confront or reveal that is within you?)


Boundless – Phil Wickham


(Click here for the YouTube Link – If you prefer audio-only – click this Spotify link.)

This is a song that has captivated me since Palm Sunday morning. I’ve listened to this song on repeat for about 6 hours in these last 2 days.

When it comes to worship (& life), oftentimes the more we repeat something, the more it sinks in and becomes a part of WHO we are & HOW we think, act, and exist.

In your quiet place, listen to this song at least 5 times in a row letting the words sink in.

Add the answers to these questions to your journal/notebook or the printout…

  1. What stirred in your heart, mind, soul while you listened?

  2. What is your Loving Father, His Son – your Redeemer, and His Spirit – your Source of Life, trying to help you SEE & KNOW as you listen?


I miss you. Easter doesn’t seem right if we cannot be together.

Not gonna lie…I’m a bit sad about that!

At the same time, I know that God is up to something incredible in us, around us, and through us and our community! Let’s take this time and be deliberate about listening & paying attention to HOW He is inviting us to join Him in that great work!

Keep checking back for more Holy Week reflections…

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