Hunger & Thirst

Click Here to listen to the message… It is a really good thing Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are those who EAT & DRINK of righteousness.” He said, “…those who HUNGER & THIRST…” That gives all of us hope! Listen in this week as we learn what biblical righteousness is and what Jesus meant when he … More Hunger & Thirst

Poor in spirit

Click Here to listen to the message. Jesus began one of His most intimate messages, the essence of all His teachings, by saying, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” He begins laying out this new lifestyle, this new way of life, with the root of all virtues. From … More Poor in spirit

New Creation…

Click Here to listen to the message. Our newest series, “New Creation…” builds upon our last series “A Long Obedience…” and last week’s baptism service. In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus lays out a lifestyle/value system/ethic for those who choose to follow Him. In one of His most intimate teachings, Jesus shares His heart and the Truth … More New Creation…

Holy Week 2019

For each of the last 8 years during Holy Week, I read and reflect on something I wrote on Good Friday the Easter after God turned our eyes toward this new chapter of life…  Good Friday – 2011 Thank You for today, Father. Thank You for what you did for us today. Thank You for … More Holy Week 2019