Like Arrows…

SS Arrow-Verse


It’s Registration Time!

To register your CHILD, click their age/grade level & sign-up on the GoogleForm…

PreSchool/Elementary School

Junior High/High School

There will be a table to sign up for Sunday School “the old fashioned way” at church starting Sunday, August 25th if you prefer…


We also need people with a desire and a commitment to help develop our SoF Kids into the disciples God created them to be.

(click here to volunteer).

In the past, there has not been as much support and preparation for the roles of teacher and shepherd. For that, I apologize. Now that Amber and I are “tag-teaming” this, we have a plan to better (& continually) equip, empower, and encourage you, as adults, to invest in our SoF Kids! This is going to be our best year yet!

To help lead our SoF Kids this school year we need…  (click here to volunteer).

Shepherds – Each SS group will need 2 adults who will be the consistent, weekly faces who will be there to love those kids, get to know them, pray with and for them, etc. The Shepherd’s role requires no weekly preparationjust a commitment to be a consistent presence in the lives of the kids and to love them.

Teachers – Each week, the kids will participate in a 20-30 minute lesson. This lesson will be led by a Teacher. The Teacher’s role requires no long-term commitment because they could teach one time, once a month, or however often they would like to. The lessons will be prepared for you in advance…the only prep required is that you spend 15-20 minutes looking at the lesson the week before you teach so you know what is going on. They are not too Biblically intense, just an opportunity to help our kids experience their faith in new ways!

It would be incredible if everyone in our church family would be willing to participate in one of these roles! This is a great opportunity for us to rally together to serve and grow our kids.

If you would like to be one of the important people to invest in, love, empower, and raise up our SoF Kids into the people God has created them to become, click here to volunteer.


It would be great for us to SHOW our Seeds of Faith Kids, through our commitment to their development as disciples, that we truly believe…

You are the tip of the spear. You are the future. This is your fight. 
We pulled the bow back as far as we could and gave you all the strength we had to send you into flight. 
Fly far and true. Cross enemy lines. Hit the mark. Set captives free.
Keep striking until the battle’s won.
(adapted from The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus)